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Washed Ashore Adornments
Logo Design, Branding & Web Development

Washed Ashore Adornments is a Manhattan Beach based online store that sells hand-made, crafted jewelry with inspiration from Southern California beach life. The accessories that they make are mostly catered to women, but they do have a few items for men. Their branding is centered on the beach, with all of their photos and accessories capturing the feel of the lifestyle. We were approached by the founder to begin with their new brand identity, starting with a logo.

washed ashore adornments

The Challenge:

Like many businesses when they launch, a brand needs to be established. We were approached by the founder to begin with their new brand identity, starting with a logo. Since there are quite a few accessory-makers for the beach lifestyle, Mad Mind Studios needed to distinguish Washed Ashore so that customers recognize them as a quality brand. A digital presence also needed to be established, as most sales would be conducted over the internet.

The Solution:

The branding process began with the logo, and we provided many concepts and revisions so that the owner could feel confident in her new company. We included a starfish in the logo and the text was ‘wavy’, coinciding with the ocean vibes that are conveyed by the accessories. The color pallette that was used took inspiration from beach colors; a blue and sandy pantone was used and they effectively conveyed to the target consumer what the brand is selling. The web design that we crafted is specialized for ecommerce, with a sales funnel that easily converts onlookers into customers. The platform is based on shopify, making it accessible for the owner to make changes to pricing and make rudimentary website updates.

washed ashore adornments

The Outcome:

We were very satisfied with the outcome of our process, and so was the owner of Washed Ashore Adornments. A brand identity was established and the brand positioning accurately places Washed Ashore in the ‘beach-life’ inspired nature of the target consumer’s brain. The brand is now recognizable by many on beach towns across the United States and internationally, solidifying the brand presence for years to come.


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