Reputable Moving

Reputable Moving
Brand Development & Custom Website Development

Reputable Moving offers services for all of your moving needs. This includes storage, moving trucks, a moving team, as well as distance accommodation. Reputable Moving strives for excellence and exceeding high standards in the moving process. We were approached by their team to customize their website and redesign their logo and brand image.

reputable moving

The Challenge:

Reputable Moving needed their website completely reconstructed. It was not user friendly, did not have mobile viewing, and was not optimized for SEO. Their logo was slightly outdated. In order to achieve a more modern logo, we started with changing the icon in the logo to be a heart shaped package adding a unique twist. We also added more of a bold contrast to the colors, making the brand more memorable and appealing to the eyes.


• Expand content to grow community
• Create a highly usable, searchable and browseable product website
• Reorganize and expand current site for enhanced search and browse-ability of content
• Grow social engagement and nurture resulting referral traffic
• Allow content to be user friendly and have mobile access


The branding process began with the logo, and we provided many revisions to match the company’s needs. The logo and colors are more modern and welcoming. The website is also now up to date, with mobile accessibility, SEO optimization, and user-friendly. We were satisfied with the overall outcome of our process, and so was Reputable Moving. The brand is now more approachable and satisfied with their new web development. We are excited for future projects with Reputable Moving.


• Website Design
• Custom WordPress
• Content Strategy
• Mobile Accessibility
• Informations Architecture

reputable moving

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