H2o Ninja

H2o Ninja
Marketing, Strategy & Product Design

H2O Ninja is a valued client of ours that sells innovative snorkeling masks over the internet. They are based in Honolulu, Hawaii and have a unique branding to their masks that centers on the chill, relaxing and adventurous culture of the islands. Their masks are second to none, as they lead their industry in quality, customer service and digital presence. Mad Mind Studios was able to take their business to the next level, catapulting H2O Ninja to greater success.


The Challenge:

With more competitors flooding the industry, H2O Ninja needed a new marketing strategy to solidify their standing as the best snorkel mask retailer in the world. Competitors were using pricing strategies to enter the market, but their masks or customer service were not on the quality as H2O Ninja. The challenge was to communicate to target consumers that their brand produced the best masks with a Lifetime warranty and superior quality. Ultimately, they needed to illustrate to their target consumer that their masks are conducive to the most fun while snorkeling.

The Solution:

Just as our approach webpage says, our process is to “Strategize, Create, and Rollout”, and we did just that for this project. We crafted a strategy that distinguishes and casts H2O Ninja as the premiere snorkel mask retailer. We then designed new masks that are captivating to the target audience to ensure the brand maintained their superior distinction. We then began on a marketing campaign with content marketing (with a focus on SEO), social media marketing, and Google AdWords Pay-Per-Click marketing.


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