Abode Communities

Abode Communities
Logo Design and Brand Development + Branding Consultation

Abode Communities creates service-enhanced affordable housing to address the needs of Southern California’s large workforce, low-income families, seniors and individuals with special needs. They currently own 37 properties throughout LA County, welcoming over 6,200 residents into beautiful communities they call home. Abode Communities goes out of their way to ensure individual success for their residents by offering child-care, computer labs, and enriching services programs. Their marketing team reached out to us in hopes of redesigning their overall brand image.


The Challenge:

For any brand in today’s incredibly competitive marketplace, the most important element is the overall perception of that brand. Abode Communities felt their current brand image could strongly be enhanced. With their current success, they wanted a cleaner logo, bold image and more contrast in the design. Our approach was more of updating their current image, while keeping a similar feel to it at the same time.


The branding process began with redesigning the logo. We enhanced the colors to make them more of a contrast, while keeping their overall layout slightly the same. The new logo helped create their new brand image while exceeding their expectations. We are pleased with the relationship built with Abode Communities, and look forward to future projects.


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