Logo and Design Trends We Loved This Decade

Artist looking at different types of logo designs.

Logo and Design Trends We Loved This Decade

Whether you agree or not, logos are a vital part of establishing a company’s identity. They are pieces of artwork that represent the brand of a business; reflecting who or what you stand for. 

When done well, logos can make your company not only memorable but desirable. If you think about some of the largest and most popular brands, they have created distinctive logos that send the right message to their targeted audience. 

As a logo design company in Los Angeles, we know that logos give potential customers the first impression of your business. In a matter of seconds, they will either take an interest or move away. Whether instore on online, it’s essential that your logo design stands out, defines your brand and is pleasing to onlookers. 

To create compelling logos that can convert people into customers, you should consider the type of designs that showcase your company in the best light. Choose positive and simple imagery that caters to the products or services provided. That sole connection between logo and product will provoke emotions in your consumers that will keep them coming back or never returning. 

As the decade ends, we want to round up the different kinds of logo designs that have caught our eye and kept us wanting more.

Here are the logos that we loved (and some we created) this decade:

Coca Cola’s Responsive Logo


Photo via Joe Harrison

Responsive logos are our favorite logo design trend that has popped up in recent years. Due to new technology and minimizing screens, logos can no longer be “one size fits all.” Aside from traditional material for advertising, such as pens or t-shirts, we love that Coca Cola considered the size of their logo and how it could look on different printed and digital content. 

The reason why we adore Coca Cola’s responsive logo at Mad Mind Studios is that the logo can be changed in size, color, or complexity to adapt to different marketing campaigns or locations where it will be placed. These responsive logos can be used for product packaging, marketing brochures, on billboards, or on your company’s website. 

Beauxotica’s Minimalistic Logo Design

Although we love using our mad minds and getting creative with logos, sometimes a minimalistic design is the way to go. Minimalism takes away embellishments from logo design and reduces it to its purest form. 

We loved creating a minimalistic design for Beauxotica that looks clean and professional. Although the design is simple, it doesn’t mean it’s not impactful. Many businesses we’ve worked with prefer minimal designs because they’re easy to convert sizing onto their products and packages. Simplicity is key… and also memorable.

Here’s the logo design we created for Beauxotica:

Logo via Mad Mind Studios

The Golden State Warriors’ New Geometric Logo Design 

Photo via Pinterest

Although we’re from Los Angeles, we have to give some props to the Golden State Warriors for their new geometric logo design! The geometric logo design uses “mathematical” shapes and imagery. Different shapes like straight lines, rectangles, or grids, give a futuristic feel to the brand. Many businesses stray away from geometric logo design because they come off as cold if not done correctly. However, when it is done right, it draws in a younger, larger target audience. 

We admire the Golden State Warriors geometric logo design due to its intricacy and precision. We believe that geometric designs can simplify a complex concept such as an entire city. GSW used a portion of a staple location and played with different shapes to reflect exactly what they represent. Their inclusion of a circle relaxes the eyes to balance their bright, bold colors. All their additions make for an intriguing logo that makes you stare. 

FedEx’s Negative Space Logo

Negative space has been incredibly trendy over the years. Negative space is the background space around and between the main component of an image. This concept is hugely compelling and leaves a lasting impression on customers. 

Several iconic logos have utilized negative space in their logo design. One company logo we enjoyed this decade was the FedEx logo. If you didn’t know, the negative space between the letter ‘E’ and ‘X’ forms an arrow. This use of negative space helps to send the message that your packages will show up at your doorstep as soon as possible. 

Photo Via Pinterest


Now you can add this to your list of random facts you know!


Letters Substituted for an Illustration with Happiest Ours


Our list of logos and design trends we love would not be complete without illustration! An effective way to catch the consumer’s eyes is to replace a logo letter with imagery. 

We created this type of logo for Happiest Ours, a mobile bartending service in California. We love this illustration because it takes a fun, upbeat approach to marketing. An illustration shows a company is not afraid of stepping outside of the box and most people tend to remember brands that took a chance. 


As we stated earlier, artistic logos will not attract your target audience if it does not represent your product or service. To make a logo design fully compelling, you have to understand your market as well as the people you market to. A logo design that sums up a brand, enticing relatable consumers, will leave an impressionable mark that lasts a lifetime. 

If you are looking for help in the upcoming year with custom logo design or rebranding, contact Mad Mind Studios today!


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