How To Boost Sales with CBD Print Marketing


How To Boost Sales with CBD Print Marketing

According to Forbes, new studies have estimated that “CBD sales will surpass $20 Billion by 2024.” This is major news for business owners in both cannabis and hemp industries. However, in order to profit from this increase in demand, it is essential to develop a stand-out, trustworthy brand. 

Print Marketing is one of the most valuable resources used to gather more customers. Here are our top 3 tips on how to boost sales using CBD print marketing. 


1. Create a unique logo

logo is usually the first thing people see that catches their attention. The design of a logo is vital in helping people understand who a company is and what they are selling. A logo must be specific enough to match the product but it also shouldn’t be filled with so much detail that it becomes overwhelming. A simple and clean design is key for creating a good logo that stands out on your CBD print marketing materials. 

Remember, aim to create something that has never been used before. Study other brands to see what works but do not copy the style. The goal is to have a never before seen logo so when people see the design they know exactly what company produces the product. 



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2. Use a variety of print materials 

The last thing anyone would want is for a person to drive past a billboard or walk past a poster and not take a peek. Along with creating a unique logo, implementing a variety of print materials can help reach different audiences and draw consumers in. We recommend business cards, flyers, posters, mailers, coupons, or print handouts. Get creative with your design while matching your brand’s style to really stand out to customers. Considering the recent 2018 Farm Bill, CBD is now reaching an audience that may have not heard of the oil before, so using outdated text or dull colors could easily tarnish a brand. Whether the colors are bold or neutral, make sure they set a mood that matches the purpose of the product.


3. Stay consistent 

Consistency between the products logo, design, color and even website and social media postings are all tools that make the brand memorable. The overall look of the brand has to continuously match in order to get recognized and establish a solid brand. By maintaining a consistent style and marketing strategy, your brand can become easily recognized in the CBD industry. 

If your products are uniquely designed, displayed across all platforms, and strategically marketed, your company becomes well-known and trusted. This of course leads to an increase in sales and brand longevity, which is the long-term goal. 


Branding, Marketing and Design for CBD Companies

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